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What is Comedy A Cappella? Comedy A Cappella is the creation of Orlando, Florida based comedian & entertainer Ron Feingold. It’s a blend of traditional stand-up comedy and A Cappella music where Ron sings ALL of his own back-ups, lead vocals and even vocal percussion on his new CD Solo Effort. He is literally a one man vocal band, relying ... Read More
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If the key to success in Hollywood is longevity and all the Hollywood players get their ever so anticipated 15 minutes of fame, then Comedian Earthquake has to have somehow lucked up on an hour. Not only does he have the staying power, his evolution seems to make him funnier, more relevant, and in higher demand with every Twitter entry, ... Read More
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One of the most popular and highly recognized standup comedians on the road today, D.L. has also made quite an impression in the television and radio arena. D.L. can currently be heard on the New York airwaves, as host of the morning show on WYKS- FM. In just a few months on air, DL has managed to increase the listenership ... Read More