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May 24: 06:00 pm
Using his experiences growing up in Newark Bill Bellamy started doing stand-up while he was a student at Rutgers University. Bellamy quickly discovered how much he enjoyed making people laugh and began honing his skills at small comedy clubs around the country and soon was making waves in the New York clubs like The Improv The Comic Strip and at ... Read More
May 28: 07:30 pm
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DC Curry played ‘Uncle Elroy’ in “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next.” He was also on “The Chris Rock Show,” “The Tracy Morgan Show, and “The Roseanne Show.”
Jun 04: 07:30 pm
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Increasingly popular stand-up comic Dan Cummins will be playing 40+ cities on his 2020 Toxic Thoughts Tour. He’s releasing his third one-hour standup special, DAN CUMMINS; GET OUTTA HERE DEVIL!, in the Spring of 2020. Dan is one of the most frequently played comics on Pandora with over 700,000 artist stations created and over 400 million plays. His seven comedy ... Read More
Jun 17: 07:30 pm
Christianee (pronounced Chris-tee-knee) Porter also known as The Christi Show is a proud native of Little Rock, Arkansas who currently resides in Atlanta Georgia. She is an entertainer that loves to act, sing, rap, and dance. In 2013, she decided to do Stand-Up Comedy. Christianee enjoyed performing on stage but became exhausted from fighting for a spot on the stage. ... Read More
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Raw, real and wickedly-hilarious, “Kountry” Wayne Colley’s 2500 (and counting!) microformat digital videos have catapulted him from life in small town Georgia to mega social media superstar and comedy sensation, selling out clubs and theaters across America. Since his first Facebook post in October 2014 went viral, the charismatic comic has amassed over 4 million followers across Facebook and Instagram. ... Read More
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Tommy Davidson’s exceptional range – from stand-up comedy and acting to versatile music accomplishments – have earned him a reputation as an extraordinary performer. Best known as one of the stars of the hit television show In Living Color, his visibility has allowed him to become a household name known for his innovative talent. Davidson started his career as a ... Read More
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If the key to success in Hollywood is longevity and all the Hollywood players get their ever so anticipated 15 minutes of fame, then Comedian Earthquake has to have somehow lucked up on an hour. Not only does he have the staying power, his evolution seems to make him funnier, more relevant, and in higher demand with every Twitter entry, ... Read More