Jim Norton-2013
Celebrity performance
No Free Passes!

Being pegged as an ‘angry comic’ truly makes me want to vomit. To me the only labels in comedy that matter are ‘funny’, ‘original’ and ‘hack’. By original I don’t mean so weird that Andy Kaufman wouldn’t get it and by hack I mean the next comic who writes a girl fart joke should have his writing hand smashed with a mallet.There is no subject I won’t make fun of (with the exception, of course, of girl farts). This has nothing to do with integrity, it’s because smelling them gives me an erection.

I am 5’7, 160 lbs with brown hair, brown eyes and have a torso with the muscle tone of a retarded boy’s tongue. I enjoy dining out, dancing and recieving yellow discipline from black prostitutes. Judi Brown of the Aspen Comedy Festival said, “He’s so brutally honest. He’s very refreshing in a business where a lot of people are phony.” That is probably the nicest compliment I have received as a performer.

Tickets are $20 or $25 per person plus tax depending on seat selection.


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