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Comedian John Caparulo is perhaps best known as the under-dressed everyman on the former E! hit show, Chelsea Lately. Cap, as he’s known by his friends and fans, has also made multiple appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central Presents, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Next Generation of Blue Collar, and as a standout performer in Vince Vaughn’s ... Read More
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Tony started stand-up comedy at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood in 2007. An amazing comedy club known for being a hub of development, Tony used the darkness and freedom of the club to mend his trademark style of dark edgy jokes and seamlessly going in and out of material and crowdwork. While constantly doing standup he has also ... Read More
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Adele Givens has done it all! Adele was crowned winner of the Crown Royal Comedy competition in the city of Chicago on February 3rd 1990. Since that day Adele has realized that she was destined to become comedic royalty. Since then Adele has the rare ability to make you laugh, think, cry, and cringe all at the same time!! Her ... Read More
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Craig Shoemaker’s extensive accomplishments, spanning more then three decades, are beyond impressive. He has performed for major television and cable networks, writes for the hit sitcom Fuller House, a radio guest on countless stations, hosted his own syndicated radio and podcast shows, on stage stand up, performances on Broadway, has written two children’s books, invented ON Hold advertising and hosted ... Read More